About Us

Heritage for the Blind

Heritage for the Blind's mission is multi-faceted. It includes the preservation of vision, through the promotion of eye health awareness as well as materials for the visually impaired. We help individuals in need improve their health and economic security. Users can utilize our comprehensive, free online tool that connects people in need with Federal, State and City benefits they may qualify for. We also provide access to a vast database of charities that service the Blind and Visually impaired throughout the United States.

We encourage people to donate their cars in an effort to promote the auto recycling clean air project. The program is dedicated to accelerating the retirement of older, higher polluting vehicles and to promoting a shift to new, cleaner and more efficient alternatives.

We provide, free of charge, an array of large print and audio books including Health, self-help, as well as consumer related publications to assist the visually impaired in getting answers to questions about consumer problems and government services.

Board & Key Individuals:
Shrage Toiv, Director
Israel Bilus, President
Mendy Ehrman, Treasurer

Mailing address:
Heritage for the Blind
2182 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234