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Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services (FCIC) publications reproduced by Heritage for the Blind in

Large Print and Braille, available free of charge for the visually impaired.

To request any of the books to be sent to your address please give us a call at 1-800-236-6283

Money & Finance
•      10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Financial Plan
•      401(K) Plans
•      About...Annuities
•      An Introduction to Mutual Funds
•      Building Financial Freedom
•      Certificates of Deposit Tips for Investors                   
•      Get the Facts on Saving and Investing
•      How SIPC Protects You
•      How To Check Out Your Stockbroker or Brokerage Firm         
•      Investment Swindles How They Work and How to Avoid Them
•      Investors' Bill of Rights-Final 200504                                      
•      Making A Will-Final                                                 
•      Planning Your Estate
•      Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments
•      Savings Fitness A Guide To Your Money and Your Financial Future
•      Tips You Can Bank On-Final
•      TOP 10 Ways To Beat the Clock and Prepare for Retirement
•      Variable Annuities What You Should Know
•      What You Should Know About Financial Planning-F                             
•      Women and Retirement Savings
•      Your Guaranteed Pension
•      Your Insured Deposit
•      Your Rights as a Financial Planning Client

Housing Topics
•      Questions and Answers........                                    
•      Don't Be A Victim Of Loan Fraud 
•      How to Buy a Home With a Low Down Payment
•      Indoor Electrical Safety Check 
•      The HUD Home Buying Guide 
•      National Flood Insurance Guide 
•      Borrower's Guide to Home Loans 
•      Drinking Water From Household Wells 
•      100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home 
•      Drinking Water From Household Wells                                  
•      Easy Tips to Save Money and the Planet         

Family Topics          
•      Fun Play, Safe Play 
•      Got a Sick Kid 
•      Handbook on Child Support Enforcement 

Travel Topics
•      Fly Smart 

Employment Topics
•      Top 10 Ways to Make Your Health Benefits Work for You 
•      Pension and Health Care Coverage Workers 

Food Topics
•      Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test 
•      Food Allergies - When Food Becomes the Enemy 
•      Use a Food Thermometer 
•      Growing Older, Eating Better 
•      Keep Your Food Safe 
•      Fight BACÖ Four Simple Steps to Food Safety 
•      Preventing Food-Borne Illness 
•      Cooking for Groups - A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety 
•      Revealing Trans Fats 
•      To Your Health! Food Safety for Seniors 
•      Are Bioengineered Foods Safe 
•      Diabetes Materials 

Car Topics
•      Finding The Best Used Car
•      A Primer On Gasoline Prices 
•      U.S. Government Auto Auctions 
•      A PRIMER ON 

Small Business
•      Employment Law Guide

Other Topics
•      Fishing Is Fun for Everyone 
•      Conserving America's Fisheries 
•      Conserving the Nature of America 
•      Going Wireless - A Consumer Guide To Choosing Cellular Service 

Education Topics
•      Planning For College 
•      GED Information Bulletin               

Federal Program Topics
•      Social Security -Your Number And Card 
•      A Guide to Disability Rights Laws 
•      Social Security - Apply Online For Social Security Benefits 
•      Social Security -Understanding The Benefits 
•      A Guide to Disability Rights Laws                                             
•      Social Security - Apply Online For Social Security Benefits                   
•      Social Security - Understanding The Benefits                                  
•      Social Security - Your Number And Card     


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