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Mission Statement

The Heritage for the Blind is committed to helping the blind and visually impaired receive all the benefits, services, education and physical aids they need to lead productive, rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Our website has been created with the credo ‘To Guide and Provide’. In a clear and understandable manner we guide the visually impaired through the maze of public and private red tape in order to help them receive all the goods and services, benefits and accommodations that are available to them.

At the Heritage we provide useful services, programs and educational materials, geared toward improving one’s ability to manage the everyday challenges that visually impaired persons face.

The Heritage for the Blind has and will continue to stress one theme throughout all of our actions.

You are not alone!

To all, we ask – please help us help those in need. Whether it is becoming a Phone Pal to a visually impaired person, sponsoring a specific program or making any contribution to the Heritage, we urge you to get involved.

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